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First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Posted by Live Love Mom on August 11, 2022 at 3:30 PM
by: Stephanie Noircent

What is the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary? The traditional gift is paper. You must be wondering what you can get your spouse as a paper gift, but don't worry! Here are some great gifts you can snag your spouse for your wedding anniversary.

Personalized song. If you're not vocally inclined or a songwriter/musician, you can actually pay someone to write, sing and compose a personalized song for you! A website that does this is and as a physical gift, you can give the CD of the song and sheet music. It's sure to melt your spouse's heart and it's a very unique gift!

Custom map. Get a personalized map of where you met, were engaged and married. They're called "Hello, Will You?, I Do." canvas prints. Some companies that make these are Positive Prints, Etsy and 365Canvas.

Sexy photoshoot. Get a boudoir photoshoot done and gift an album of the sexy photos to your spouse. You can book a local photographer and get photos taken in the studio, a hotel room or even in your own place. If you're on a budget, look up photography classes and offer to hire a student so they can build their portfolio.

Nigh sky poster. There are many companies that sell these types of posters, like "This was the night sky the day we met" or "the day we got married". Places that print and make these are TheNightSky and MagicalNightSky. and StarryMaps offer them too.

Name a star. Name a star after your spouse and give them a printed photo of the star. Star-registration offers this service, as does star-name-registry and starregistry. It's a unique gift and can be paired with a cozy night stargazing. You can even try to find the very star!

Make them a Lord or Lady. You can buy a small souvenir plot of land in Scotland or Ireland and get the title of "Lord" or "Lady" due to a legal loophole that allows landowners in those countries to be referred to as such. In Ireland, you can buy a souvenir plot at Emerald Heritage, and in Scotland you can become a Lord or Lady at Established Titles and My Heritage. You can even become a higher noble of the smallest microcountry in the world, Sealand. Go on their website and you can be a Baron/Baroness, Duke/Duchess or Knight/Dame. Each company sends you a photo of your land, a map of your plot and a verified certificate confirming your status.

Get a Love Book. You can actually get a custom book made for your spouse explaining how much you love them. It's super cute and unique! You can customize the book characters to look like you and your spouse, and you choose what goes in the book. You can make these at and order them from there.

Intimacy deck. Sold on Amazon, you can grab an intimacy deck online. They offer 50-150+ unique conversation-starting prompts to promote intimacy and closeness. You can play with it on the day of your anniversary and have a great time!

Song Lyric Photo. You can get song lyrics to your song or your wedding song printed on a wedding photo. 365Canvas has this available in their store. It's a great piece of framed artwork that's sentimental and sweet. You can even dance to your wedding song as you replay the music you danced to so you can bond. It will also be funny to see if you can remember the steps to your dance.

Plane Tickets. You can book an amazing trip to enjoy together on your anniversary. It can be a weekend getaway, a staycation or a full-on second honeymoon. The choice is yours!

Custom puzzle. You can order a puzzle made of any image you choose. You can choose a wedding photo, your first photo together, the day your spouse proposed; whatever you want. The possibilities are endless!

Got more ideas for an anniversary gift? Comment below!

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