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How To Celebrate Your Kid's Birthday During Coronavirus

Posted by Live Love Mom on May 5, 2020 at 9:00 AM

by: Stephanie McEndree

Having a birthday during the pandemic can really throw things off for planning. You might have had a birthday party already planned, but you had to cancle due to the virus. Or, your child may have one coming up and you want to make it special. Here are some ideas on how you can have a great birthday party for your child without breaking quarantine.

Your backyard. It's safe and weather-permitting, you can do lots of fun stuff outdoors with your child. If you have more than one, you can set up some games they can play together outdoors. If not, join in on the fun and play with them. You can have a picnic outside, hit a homemade pinata filled with candy you bought at the grocery store. You can open presents outside too, and play with whatever you already have for them outside; trampoline, swingset or sandbox.

Indoors. This is a great choice for all weather. You can spend time together in many different ways! You can make paper decorations, bake a cake and decorate it together, and much more! You can also play some fun games such as pin the tail on the donkey, twister, board games and more. You can also video-call friends and family so your child gets to talk to them and spend some time with them. You can have a family movie marathon with your child's favorite tv shows and movies and cook some popcorn. Read them their favorite story at bedtime, use a bath bomb at bath time. Any way you can think to make the day special, do it. Your child may remember this birthday as the most fun yet!

Not sure what to do or how to keep your child happy or busy on their special day? Here is a list of activities you can plan and do during your child's birthday.

Pin the tail on the donkey
Bake a cake
Decorate a cake
Movie night
Board games
Scavenger hunt
Treasure hunt
Talent show
Card games
Costume play
Pretend play
Story time
Arts & Crafts
Making paper decorations

Got any more ideas for kids' birthday activities? Comment below!

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Reply Wiebke
2:23 PM on June 12, 2020 
My sonâ??s, my husbandâ??s and my birthday were all during the â??stay at homeâ?? order. It wasnâ??t difficult for us adults but my son was sad not to see his friends. We made the best out of it with lots of decor and fun activities.
Reply Taylor Minaberry
6:51 PM on June 12, 2020 
I love the idea of a family game day! My son has a birthday at the end of the month and Iâ??m brainstorming ways to make him feel special that day. Iâ??m thinking a picnic and some games and cupcakes!
Reply Sara
11:54 PM on June 12, 2020 
We had two birthdays during our time at home, and thankfully the kids were pretty understanding about it. For my son who was turning 10, he just wanted to go to Chick fil a drive thru for breakfast, and then pick up Cracker Barrel to go for lunch. My daughter who was turning 4 was just so excited to have donuts for breakfast and to get to open presents. The next birthday we have is August 8th, so hopefully things will be more normal by then. I don't think my daughter wants to compromise her annual pool party.
Reply Ann
7:36 AM on June 13, 2020 
The backyard is always my first choice. The kids get to just up and down without any restrictions! Adding a bouncing castle is always epic.
Reply Hope
6:01 AM on June 14, 2020 
We had a virtual party during lockdown. Good tips xx