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Love The Skin You Are In

Posted by Live Love Mom on January 24, 2014 at 10:50 AM

by: Stephanie McEndree

Skin irritations in kids can be very upsetting. Kids with sensitive skin are often prone to rashes, breakouts and eczema. They require special products to avoid outbreaks. Here are some tips on hiw to prevent irritations.


Parent’s choice, simply kids or president’s choice diapers have been found to be easiest on the rears of babies and young children. Out of personal experience and those of friends and family, these are the 3 top brands to use for the little ones. Bonus, they are also the cheapest to buy because they don’t have fragrances.


Simply kids is the top brand for wipes as well. They don’t contain harmful fragrances and have been the only brand that is fool-proof for babies. Parent’s choice and president’s choice are other great brands for wipes.


Creams that are best for combatting diaper rashes is a mixture of 3 creams available for prescription: cortisone, anti-fungal and zinc-based creams mixed together. These banish any and all types of rashes for good. It’s safest to ask your doctor for a prescription than to make it yourself to make sure there are no negative medical interactions.


Change diapers as often as possible. At least once every 2 hours for a newborn. This prevents he acidity from bowel movements and from urine to irritate the skin.


Avoid acidic foods. This will prevent an acidic pH in the urine and acid in poop. If you must give acidic foods, avoid them in large quantities. This includes citric fruits and tomatoes, which are some of the most acidic foods out there.


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