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To Those Who Shame Pregnant Women For Her Belly Size

Posted by Live Love Mom on August 15, 2019 at 9:45 AM

by: Stephanie McEndree

You who sees a pregnant woman’s belly…be careful what you say.


You don’t know what situation the woman is in. Don’t touch her belly without permission, especially if she’s a stranger. Don’t ask personal questions. It’s none of your business.


Imagine how heartbreaking and uncomfortable it is for a mother to answer to these questions when she’s experienced a loss.


“Is this your first pregnancy?” a stranger asks to the woman who had a miscarriage the previous pregnancy. What does she say? Does she lie, in order to avoid more personal questions and the awkward silence that would inevitably follow the truth? Or does she tell the truth, only to risk the person saying something furthermore insulting?


“Are you nervous about the birth?” asks an aquaintance, to the expecting mother of a stillborn baby. How does she put into words the mind-shattering pain and crippling anxiety that history will repeat itself?


“Is this your first child?” a passerby can ask a pregnant woman, who’s last child died in infancy. Does she say yes to brush off following questions? Does she say no and endure the painful subsequent inquiries?


These are dilemmas that no one should have to face.


Please be considerate when you see a pregnant woman. Feel free to appreciate the budding new life in private, or just say a polite “congratulations”. It’s safer to offer compliments than to ask lots of questions. In fact, just that small gesture of appreciation can make a swollen, nauseous, sweaty, bloated, hormonal, pregnant woman’s day.


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