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Letter To My Step Son

Posted by Live Love Mom on March 24, 2013 at 11:30 AM

by: Stephanie McEndree

My dear stepson,


I know you never asked for me to be in your life. You’ve practically lived your entire childhood without me in the picture. You only knew of my existance when you were 14 years old. You probably imagined that someday your father would date another woman, and maybe you even imagined him becoming a father again. However, I don’t think you imagined it quite like this. I know I didn’t.


When your father and I became spouses, I didn’t just agree to be his family. To me, I agreed to be family to his family. I agreed to be there for you as well, however you needed me. I sealed this agreement when I had children with your father, tying his blood to mine. My daughters are your sisters, you are my daughters’ brother.


Despite our seperation, despite all that has happened, my daughters remain your sisters. You remain my daughters’ brother. That bond of blood will never break. As your siblinghood remains intact, so does my pact to your father’s family, to you.


I want you to know that the rupture of my relationship with your father, has not changed anything else. In my eyes, you are still my step-son. I am still your step-mother. I am not going anywhere.


So to you, I make these promises.


I promise to not mistreat you, especially not related to my feelings for your father. You are two seperate people in my and my daughters’ lives. You may share blood with your father, but that is all you share.


I promise not to keep you from your sisters. If you want to remain in their lives, I will not prevent you from doing so. I want your sisters to know their brother, and for you to know your sisters.


I promise that you will always be welcome in our home. Whether you would like to visit your sisters, have someone to talk to, or even a place to stay, I am here for you. I may not be your first choice, but I am here nonetheless.


I promise to be an ear to listen, moral support when you need it, and a positive person in your life. I know you never had two full-time parents growing up, and I am very sorry to know that. Though I may have arrived late in your life, I plan to continue to be a positive adult in your life.


I may not be your blood, I may not have given birth to you, I may not have raised you, and I may not have known you nearly as long as some of your mother’s closest friends. I may not live close to you, I may no longer be with your father, I may not be able to see you as often as I like. However, I am here for you. I care about you, and you are my daughters’ blood. Family is very important to us, and I consider you a part of our family.


You are my daughters’ brother. My daughters are your sisters. And until you tell me otherwise, you are still my stepson, and I am still your step-mother.


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