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2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Posted by Live Love Mom on December 21, 2022 at 2:30 PM
by: Stephanie Noircent

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the 2nd year is cotton. So what can you offer your spouse? Here are some amazing suggestions below!

Gift ideas

Customized blanket. You can order a custom blanket online with the photo of your choice printed on it. You can choose a wedding photo, a nice quote, inspiring artwork, or whatever you want! You can never have too many blankets. Some sites that do this are BestCanvas, Shutterfly and Vistaprint.

Cotton gloves, hat, and/or scarf. If you're a weaver, you can always make a cozy set of gloves, a hat, and/or a scarf for your spouse. Not handy with yarn or thread? You can always go to an artisian boutique and get some handmade items that are unique. On a tight budget? No worries! There are cotton gloves, hats and scarves on sale at your local dollar store.

Knitted or crocheted sweater. Another wink to the weavers! You can make a gorgeous sweater for your spouse, or you can buy a beautiful one pretty much anywhere. You can take ones with intricate designs such as cable knit or with celtic knot designs, or grab one from a knitter with the classic garter stitch. The possibilities are endless!

Lingerie. You can get some soft and lovely lingerie to wear for your spouse. You can even double the impact by posing for some boudoir photos in your getup! Your spouse is sure to drool at how gorgeous you look. You can find lingerie at any lingerie store: Victoria's Secret and Torrid are two examples.

Egyptian cotton sheets. Why not splurge and get a gorgeous set of sheets that feel softer than satin? You're sure to get a good nights sleep with your spouse on this pure luxury. You can buy the highest quality if you can afford it, and be sure to pay attention to the thread count.

Bathrobe. There are tons of terrycloth and cotton bathrobes available on the market. They're so easy to find: you can go to Walmart, shop on Amazon or even Etsy or Ebay. Spouses love to wrap themselves in something comfortable after a long hot shower or a warm bath. Why not make a gift of it? You can even get monogrammed ones with your initials or "Bride" or "Groom" embroidered on the back of the bathrobes.

Picnic blanket. Why not get something to make memories on? You can make or buy a nice picnic blanket or quilt to feast on. A cotton picnic blanket will feel great between you and the grass. You can also grab a picnic basket and load it up with your favorite foods and make it part of your special anniversary celebration!

Get him a cotton apron and go to a cooking class. You can bond together and make memories by learning to cook or bake a special dish. There are lots of ideas for aprons, I suggest getting one in your spouse's favorite color. Have it monogrammed with their initials, "Bride" or "Groom", or a funny quote like "Kiss The Cook" or "BBQ King". 

Private shopping day for cotton clothes. You can go to your favorite mall or boutique and splurge on some new clothes. Who doesn't love a new wardrobe? if you want something physical to give your spouse first, opt for a gift card. Then, make it a day and enjoy!

Go to a carnival and eat cotton candy. If there is a carnival around your wedding anniversary date, why not go? Grab some cotton candy and play lots of fun games together. You can even grab some popcorn and go to a movie later, or even at an outdoor movie theatre. 

Book a couple's massage and relax in cotton robes. Go to your favorite spa and relax together. Unwind after a busy week and enjoy each other's company. Most spas offer lower-cost packages with free use of their facilities. It's much cheaper to pay the entry fee than book everything, so if you're on a budget, try that!

A weekend getaway, lounge in cotton sheets. Book a swanky hotel and take a lazy weekend together in bed. Who doesn't love cuddling and room service? Watch TV together, get a room with a view and bask in the glow of your happiness together.

A cute message on a cotton pillowcase. You can pair this gift idea with cotton sheets, but isn't this a cute idea? There are "Bride" and "Groom" pillowcases out there, and some with funny messages like "Ask Your Dad" or "Getting my Beauty Sleep." 

Personalized toilet paper. It makes for a hilarious gift if your spouse is quite the jokester. Have it custom made with whatever message you want. Plus, your spouse is sure to use it daily!

Monogrammed towels. If you don't have a set already, monogrammed hand towels are a must for every bathroom. Your guests are sure to be impressed with this charming show of unity. Your spouse will love how soft those cotton towels feel every time they dry their hands.

A cotton throw. Also makes for a neat knitting or crochet project, but a nice throw can also be bought in stores. They make for nice decor and they're always nice to have on the couch or a favorite armchair. Cuddle together under your cotton throw on the couch, in the bed of a truck, or even outside for stargazing. It's even great for an outdoor concert, parade or show on chilly evenings.

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