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Tips For Renewing Your Vows

Posted by Live Love Mom on December 15, 2022 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (34)

by: Stephanie Noircent

Most people have heard of renewing your vows, but what is it exactly?

A vow renewal ceremony is sort of like a mini wedding. You either repeat the vows you have already made on your wedding day, or you can make new ones. It's a private and meaningful event. It can be celebrated with a few close friends and family, or completely privately between the two of you. It can also be more lavish than your first wedding for a number of different reasons. It's a way to celebrate love between an already married couple and affirm their commitment and relationship.

It's definitely a cute idea to propose to your spouse. There are no rings needed this time around, so you can propose with a cute message. You can write a poem, leave a card somewhere special, write it on a birthday cake, on a lunch bag, and more. You can do it however you want, and keep it as simple as you would like.

You can wear whatever you would like. Your dress can absolutely be white if that's what you want. You can wear a suit, a bikini if it's on the beach, a t-shirt that says "bride" on it, whatever you want! You can absolutely have a bouquet as well. You can use yours from your previous wedding if it's a silk bouquet, you can make up a brooch bouquet, or even pick some wildflowers for the occasion.


You can still have a bachelor and bachelorette party. It's a great excuse to hang out with your best friends and close family members again. A bridal shower however isn't needed, as this isn't usually a super expensive event. If it is the huge dream wedding you wanted however, then go for it. You also don't need to have a bridal party if you already had one at your previous wedding.

The ceremony can be wherever you want. You can have it in your backyard, at your local religious institution, a rented out venue, or on a vacation abroad. Plenty of five star hotels offer wedding or vow renewal packages. It'll be even more special if you pick someplace that has meaning for you, like a childhood park or the place you had your first date. A ceremony isn't mandatory; in fact, you can just recite your vows in private and then have a party afterwards. More and more people are choosing to save their vows for a time when the couple is alone, and recite the standard vows at a wedding or vow renewal ceremony.


In the ceremony, vows are exchanged just like a wedding. You can use the vows you used at your wedding, or you can use new ones. The couple shares in the magic of the moment and often reflect how their marriage has gone and all the happy times, and of course appreciate the love that they share together. Rings can also be exchanged, whether they are new rings or the rings they exchanged during their original wedding. Often a couple walks down the aisle together, or arrive at the same time down the altar from opposite sides of the room. You can always have your child walk you down the aisle too. Since a vow renewal ceremony is not a legal marriage ceremony, anyone can officiate. You can self-officiate the vow renewal, have a family member or friend do it, or even your oldest child. If you feel more comfortable, you can also hire a minister or religious officiate of your choosing.


A reception like a ceremony is not mandatory, but it is pretty fun to have. You can gather and celebrate with the people that mean the most to you. You can all go to a restaurant, or a bar for a cocktail party, a club for a dance party, or mingle at home. You can order delivery from a caterer or a fast food restaurant, or even hire a private chef for the evening or a food truck. The options are endless! You can also order a cake from a local bakery or have one custom-made, or just buy one from a grocery store. You can even bake your own! If this is a "second wedding" to you, proceed as you would in a normal wedding. Otherwise, a father-daughter dance isn't necessary. Have all the married couples join you in dancing for the first time since you've renewed your vows, then everyone can join in. You can absolutely have music and dancing at your reception.


You can invite anyone you want. Since expenses multiply the more people you invite, the frugal option is definitely to invite as little people as possible. But if it's to make up for a small wedding, you can invite everyone. Be sure not to leave out any close friends or family. You also don't have to invite anyone; some couples choose to have a vow renewal just the two of them, or just them and their children. Unless this is a "second wedding" for you, there is no need for a gift registry. 

Got more ideas to share? Comment below!

Why People Renew Their Vows

Posted by Live Love Mom on May 30, 2022 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (24)

By: Rev. Dr. Stephanie Noircent


Renewing vows can be a choice for couples for many different reasons. Being married is a consious choice to stay with the person you love, every single day. Some want to celebrate that choice after a certain amount of time to show that their marriage is still going strong. Lots of couples decide to renew their vows and here are some reasons why:

The first reason is that, after a couple has children, they want their children to be included in the marriage. Especially in small families, some children never get to attend a wedding until their very own. Not only is this a good teaching oppurtunity for them, but they also get to participate in anything the couple wants: the vows, a sand ceremony, candle lighting ceremony, photos, and more. 

The second reason is financial stability. A lot of times, especially when the couple married young, they were unable to afford the wedding of their dreams. Sometimes they even had family that didn't agree to the union so they had to elope. Some had to get married in a rush, for example if a relative was dying and the couple wanted them to be a part of the big day. Some even have their wedding at the grave of a loved one to include them. Whichever the reason why they didn't get their dream wedding, financial stability affords the couple permission to have everything just the way they want it.

The third reason is that you want to re-live the big day. For most marriages, the sparks dull and there are no more butterflies after so many years. Being in the moment again, feeling giddy about to express your love to your spouse can light up that fire. You will remember why you got married in the first place, and probably get pretty emotional. You even get to ride that wedding bliss high after your ceremony.

The fourth reason is for a second honeymoon. They come after weddings, do they not? So it ties in well to have a vow renewal ceremony before you are whisked away on a romantic vacation. You also get to feel special again, the apple of your spouse's eye and have some amazing wedding night sex all over again.

The fifth reason is that you've hit a milestone. Whether you've been married 5, 10, 20, 25 or 50 years, it's a good reason to renew your vows. Gather your loved ones and have a small ceremony together to celebrate how long you've been together and how much you still love each other. You can have it on your anniversary and it's a perfect way to have an anniversary party at the same time. You can even make it a surprise for your guests.

The sixth reason is that it’s way more fun. There are no expectations and you can make it as untraditional as you want to. You can renew your vows while sky-diving, just the two of you over dinner at a restaurant, a few close friends and family in your backyard. You have complete freedom. This is something the couple usually craves when a parent, relative or friend held the purse strings of their wedding. When someone else is paying or they make you have someone else's dream wedding instead, couples tend to want to take the reins on their special day. This way, they get to take control and have a blast doing it.

The seventh reason is it’s stress-free. There is no stress when things don't go exactly as planned. Wine spilled on your dress? You can laugh it off. Your husband shoving cake in your face? No problem, you didn't just spend hundreds of dollars on makeup. Arrived late? It's more laid-back so the guests will just chuckle about it. It's much more relaxing and you don't have a mile-long to-do list or nearly as much planning to do for over a year in advance.

The eighth reason is that it has more meaning. Your original vows sound much more amazing hearing them the second time around. You can really see how well you stuck to them and how true they are. You can also make your own and add some oddly specific ones, like: thank you for being there when my parent died, do you remember that time our kids ruined your wedding suit 10 years later, etc. 

The nineth reason is simply the love of weddings. Women love weddings, and it will definitely make her day to be able to re-live her wedding day and the excitement of being a bride. Men love weddings too, the husband will also love looking his best in his crisp, fancy suit and watch his beaming wife walk towards him full of love.

The tenth reason is for when the kids have left the nest. Now that the two people are empty-nesters, they can make new vows for each other. Oftentimes, when people get married they have children afterwards. Having children is even mentionned in the vows sometimes, how they can't wait to start a family and hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet. But once those kids have grown up and left to start their own adventures, it's time to remember what life has in store ahead of you. It will just be the two of you living together for the rest of your lives. You can promise to use this time to spend more time together, connect deeply like before you had kids, and go on post-retirement adventures. 

The eleventh reason is to highlight forgiveness. Sometimes, marriages can have some truly trying times. Whether it's infidelity, lying, or general betrayal sometimes the couple chooses to forgive each other and stay together. In these instances, they often want to show their commitment to each other and have a fresh start with renewing vows. You can present a united front and show everyone that nothing will break you apart.

The twelfth reason is that it's a reason to party. Why let all of those wedding items go to waste? Bust out that wedding gown, the wedding suit, the silk floral arrangements you kept, your wedding shoes, and everything you have leftover from your wedding. It's great to up-cycle what you used, but also the perfect excuse to have a party with friends and family.

The thirteenth reason is to show strength and committment after a major event. Whether it was a serious illness, a natural disaster, the loss of a job, a relocation abroad or a child's illness, it can definitely shift the focus of the marriage. A vow renewal ceremony can be a way to reward yourselves for getting through it, and getting through it together. It can also shift your focus back onto your marriage and love life now that the hurdle has passed.

The fourteenth reason is to make sure people who didn't make it to your wedding can attend this one. Whether your close relatives or friends were at the hospital or couldn't afford the tickets to your destination wedding, it's a good reason to have a vow renewal ceremony. They will surely appreciate it and you will have lots of gorgeous photos together and have a wonderful time making memories that will last a lifetime. 

A fifteenth reason is for renewing your vows is to have a formal ceremony. This ties in with the first reason, but after having a casual ceremony with people wearing jeans and a t-shirt, the couple may later either regret that, or still want a formal wedding. The opposite can be true too: maybe instead of a formal wedding they had they would like to have a barefoot beach wedding. 

Either way there are plenty of reasons to renew your vows. If that's what you both want to do, go for it.

Cheap Afternoon Wedding Ideas

Posted by Live Love Mom on March 14, 2022 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (62)

By: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Not a morning person? Don’t want to spend an extra thousand just to have a sit-down dinner reception? A lunch wedding is right for you!



Main Menu. Lunch menu will always cost less than a dinner menu. You can have so many different options for your wedding reception when it comes to food. Here are a few ideas:


Cocktail hour wedding

Barbecue wedding

Picnic wedding

Cookout wedding

Hors d’oeuvres wedding

Cake and punch wedding

Potluck wedding


Guest list. Limit your guest list to your very closest friends and family. This will significantly lower the amount of money you will have to spend for seating, food and drinks, even the size of your wedding cake! Who wants to invite a 4th cousin twice removed that you’ve never met, anyways?



Cake. You can have the cutest little 1 to 2 tier cake for your wedding. You can have it decorated with fondant, flowers, fresh fruit, or whatever else you want! This allows you to have the wedding cake of your dreams without skimping on the details.



Decor. When in doubt, go to the dollar store. They even have a party section that includes weddings! You’d be amazed at what you can find for such a cheap price for your wedding. Did someone you know have a wedding recently, and have no idea what to do with her leftover decor? Offer to rid her of it and recycle at your own wedding.



Flowers. This is also a great idea for the dollar store for silk flowers. Need to have real blooms? If you are a year or more before your wedding, plant your favorite blooms in your own garden. You can pluck your beautiful home-grown blossoms on the day of your wedding and arrange your very own beautiful bouquet! Got just a few months left? Go to a floral shop and never mention the word wedding to avoid inflation.



Recycle. Use the maid of honor’s bouquets as centerpieces for the reception. Use the aisle runners as chair back decorations at the reception. Use the chairs at the reception for chairs around the tables at the reception. Save time, resources and money with a little recycling. Have a bird cage lying around from a bird you used to have? Use it as a decoration. Have some empty wine bottles you keep forgetting to recycle? Spray-paint them and put a flower in there, and voila; beautiful centerpiece!



Got any more wedding ideas to share for a gorgeous afternoon wedding? Comment below!

Have A Frugal Morning Wedding

Posted by Live Love Mom on February 28, 2022 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (7)

By: Rev. Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

It’s always been cheaper to have a wedding in the morning. Lots of weddings are booked for the afternoon and evenings, so morning spots are wide open. You don’t have to have a sit-down dinner, you can serve wonderful fresh baked goods, sweets and ripe fruit. Not sure how to get started? Here are some tips and ideas on how to throw a frugal morning wedding reception.



Meals. You can serve breakfast or brunch. You can make pancakes in bulk, french toast galore, pile on the sweets with doughnuts and danishes, waffles with all of your favorite fruits, potato skins, sausage, bacon, eggs, omelettes, and more! Let your imagination run wild.



Cake. You can get creative with your wedding cake. You can have a pancake cake, waffle cake, french toast cake, muffin cake, donut cake, and whatever else you can think of!



Drinks. So many drink ideas! Serve mimosas, sparkling juice, even smoothies! You can even have tea, coffee, lemonade, fruit juices, milk, and whatever else your heart fancies.



Decor. With the bright light of the outdoors, you won’t need any artificial lighting. It’s common to decorate with pastel colors like you would if you were going to a tea party. Add lots of flowers and you can’t go wrong. To save money on blooms, buy in-season, or silk at the dollar store.



Do you have any advice to offer? Comment below!

Wives Offer Advice For A Cheap Wedding

Posted by Live Love Mom on February 14, 2022 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (11)

By: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Are you unsure on where you can cut the costs of a wedding? Are you confused as to how you can have an affordable wedding? Are you looking for advice on how to keep your low-budget happy? Real wives offer real advice about how they kept their wedding cost low.



silverchick_8 says:


We are making our own invitations.. We need over 100 so we went to Wal-Mart (they have really cute ones, mine has daisies on them!) and we are printing them out ourselves. That will save you SOOO much money.. I want just a real simple bouquet with daisies so I’m getting them from a grocery store instead of a florist… Also, get creative w/ your centerpieces and favors.. All of that adds up!!

We aren’t doing this, but I know of people that ask their guest to bring a covered dish instead of a gift! So that would cover your food cost. Good luck!



Leah says:


If you want a small intimate wedding you can definitely do it without paying a ton of money. Here are some ideas:


Consider having a backyard bbq after the wedding instead of renting a huge hall.

Ask family members or friends to help you out on things like decorations and photos – that can save a lot of money.

Visit Hobby Lobby or a similar store in your area. They have tons of wedding and bridal stuff at a fraction of the cost.

Get original. You know you don’t need a chocolate fountain. Maybe you know someone who makes fabulous chocolate cupcakes. This would give a more intimate and personal touch than the $700 fountain.



iloveweddings says:


Hi and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I love small, intimate weddings. They are my absolute favorite. Yes, I have LOTS of ideas for you….

 You are already on the way to a “budget” wedding…(I prefer the word “budget” not “cheap”!) by knowing you don’t want anything elaborate.

 ~ You won’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen….so you will save lots right there (stress, and money!)


~ I would “decorate” the church with some flowers on the altar. Go to a dollar store, Walmart or a second hand store like Goodwill and buy 2 large vases . Go to Walmart or Costco and get 2 dozen roses – $10/dozen. Arrange the roses in the vases and place them on each side of the altar. Or…depending on where you live and when your wedding is, maybe get a couple of flowering plants. That would look nice also. I definitely would “decorate” the church a little with some flowers on the altar.

 ~ Involve your family and friends in your wedding if you want….have them do a reading or read a poem.

 ~ Ask each of the guests to say a few words about the couple, or ask them to write a few things down ahead of time, and assemble them into a document for one person to read aloud.

 ~ Make your wedding program more substantial, more of a booklet and keepsake. Include messages to each of the guests and explanations of why you chose your flowers, readings, colors, music, etc. You can name every person who will attend the wedding individually in the program, commenting about them something that is special to you. For example:

“To Uncle Joe and Aunt Thelma, we thank you so much for the enthusiasm you brought to this day. We hope to capture the passion for life that you have shared in your 35 years together.”

 ~ Music for ceremony: I would definitely want music, no matter how small it is! What about a guitar player? Violin soloist?

 ~ Get a small bouquet for your and a boutonniere for your groom.

 What I would suggest would be to have your church ceremony and then you have a couple of options for the reception:

1. Have something in the church fellowship hall if one is available.

2. Have a dinner at someone’s home or backyard.

3. Reserve a private room at a nice restaurant.

 ~ I like the idea of the private room at a restaurant the best!

~ Talk with the restaurant manager to see what you can set up.

~ Have nice table linens (most nice restaurants have these anyway).

~ Perhaps choose 4 or 5 items from the menu…and then make up your own menus (without prices), print them off on nice paper (Walmart or Dollar Store) and place them at everyone’s spot.

~ I don’t know how many people you are having or how many tables you will be having, but I would definitely do a nice flower arrangement on each table. It doesn’t have to be elaborate….a few roses (or another flower that you like…tulips? gerbera daisies?) in a small vase. Place it on a mirror tile and put a few votives next to it. This looks very elegant and doesn’t cost much. If you are having roses, you can always sprinkle a few extra rose petals around.

 ~ I would definitely try to have some music ….an ipod? Check with the restaurant…but it would be nice to have some soft music playing.

 ~ I am not one usually for “favors”, but just to make your tables look even more elegant, you can always buy the little frame/place card holder. These are available at Dollar Tree and Walmart. It would be nice to set up place cards for your guests. And then this also serves as a “favor.” Just an idea.

Don’t forget the cake! Go to a bakery in a grocery store…much cheaper than a regular bakery. Or, maybe the restaurant can supply one.

Remember a “budget” wedding is not a “cheap” wedding. There is a difference! You can have a beautiful, elegant wedding on a budget.

 Good luck and I hope you have a beautiful day and a happy marriage!





Well, without bridesmaids you cut down a lot and without a lot of people you cut down even more. I have to honestly say that the biggest expense is food for all the people…even 10-15/ person is costly if you have 150 people. That’ll also save you on flowers (if you have one or two or no bridesmaids). you have to also consider if you’ll have a dj or band, where your reception will be and things like that. A park venue is pretty inexpensive. Actually the most expensive thing is your reception. If you’re having it in a church try to have in close to a holiday…the church may already be decorated. So yea…that’s just some. I have an awesome book that I got for $1 on Its old but it has big money savers!



Mac says:


Make your own invites

Find a cute cheap dress – David’s Bridal has those $99 gown sales

No alcohol or bring your own

Just have a little light dinner for the reception

Our church didn’t charge us a dime, b/c we were attending there on Sunday’s and for counseling – then we rented out the Community Center for $50 for the reception. It was a nice, small wedding, maybe 75 people or so.

Have a family member or friend take pictures



emmiegsmom says:


Their are many ways to keep a wedding inexpensive but usually the most expensive thing is the reception or the “food”. Have you decided what you want to do as far as that goes? You said you dont really want any bridesmaids but that doesnt really cost any money. You have to decide about flowers, the cake, photography, videography, the transportation or limo, the site of the reception, the food, the dj or band. I got married in a catholic church and we had to make a “donation”of $500 to the church and $250 to the organist. A gown you can get pretty inexpensively. I know that David’s Bridal are always having $99 gown sales going on. But then you have to consider your veil and your shoes? What about your hair and your makeup? You can definately do that yourself or a friend can do it to save money. You have to break down all the aspects of the wedding and decide exactly what is important to you and what isnt. The things that are important to have, then just work them out in a way that will be affordable for you. For example: you could have the reception in your familys backyard and keep the guests at a minimum, you could ask a relative or a friend to take pictures instead of hiring a photographer, the same as with a videographer. I also made out own invitations for the wedding. I got the plain invitations and worded them as Iiked, printed them out and decorated them and addressed them myself. That definately saved me about $300 doing it myself. I also made my own favors, almond joy bundles and candles wrapped in lace with ribbons in the bridesmaids dress colors. You can definately do it if you put your mind to it. Good luck!



#2 in the oven says:


dresses- David’s bridal has lots inexpensive. even better Target sells some online. seriously.

Invite the people you want there really. Do invitations yourself. You can get a kit at Michael’s or AC Moore and use a coupon from Sunday paper for like 40% off. You just print them using your computer. I did and it looks great. I bought a stamp and wax that I sealed the envelopes with, and made them look a little unique.

Why not go to a really nice restaurant instead of reception. Find a local non wedding baker. most likely they can do a simple two or three tier cake. know anyone that always seem to have good pictures? ask them to take the wedding pictures. be inventive and positive. I had a wedding with 150 guests for under $3K. It is possible. We catered it ourselves with food from Sams club. Hired a friend to be the buffet attendant. simple flowers or do the flowers yourself.



Lily says:


Im not married yet, but im planning a wedding and yes they are so expensive. But you have already eliminated so much of your costs by not having a bridal party and having a small intimate ceremony. The one thing im not really worried about is my dress. I didnt get one yet, but my friend just got hers for $99 at Davids Bridal. Its plain and simple, but she loves it. I have found dresses I liked for between 200-400 which i dont think is bad for a wedding dress. I am getting married in my fiancee church and the only thing we have to pay is 100 for the preacher and 100 for the organist. Good Luck!



laseter says:


as quickly as we’ve been given married we had not something! heavily! We had our wedding ceremony exterior in a beneficial little corner surrounded by using timber and flours out in the midst of the woods. It become an previous living house that had fallen down years earlier and the flowers have been nevertheless there. It become purely close kin and decide acquaintances. Afterwards we had a huge cookout at our abode and invited each and all the acquaintances and kin that we knew to cookout burgers and canines on the grill. so some distance as a photographer is going, it form of feels there is one in each and every kin. i’m beneficial you ought to locate one close that could supply you a coupon or possibly even barter with you for his or her centers. you’re arranged to get the cake this way as nicely. The preacher would or won’t cost based. there are a number of value reducing measures you could take with somewhat simple experience and a thrifty strategies-set. Congratulations and robust success!



Angie says:


Four months ago, I was the same as you. I wanted cheap and simple. The more you look at stuff though the more you realize, no matter what you are going to spend some good cash. Depending on how many guests. We are having the most simple wedding possible and we are up to 4000 with 150 guests. I heard that now is the time to shop for dresses, since it’s their off season they are at the lowest prices. As for everything else, try online stores for things as well as in your town, sometimes they have good bargins.

Good luck.



Vanessa says:


Why don’t you buy a second hand dress, or order one from target…

The fees will be minimal to get the preacher at your church to marry you in the sanctuary… maybe a couple hundred dollars.

Follow-up the ceremony with a simple cake and punch reception. If you do not want to pay for a designer cake, you can serve cupcakes, or get a local bakery at your grocery store (Sams club or costco are good too) to bake a cake for you. At the reception you can have punch, coffee, cake, and possibly some nuts, mints, and a veggie tray/cold cuts, fruit, etc. These are all things that a local grocery store could cater for you.


Best wishes!



DJtraper29 says:


For the dress you should go to bridal shops in your area and look for an off the rack dress. You can get them really cheap. I was going to get married in December and I bought a beautiful dress off the rack for $200.00 it has a long train and lots of detail, the only problem is that I am no longer getting married in December I am getting married in June and having an outdoor wedding so a dress with a long train is out of the picture. I am actually looking to sell the dress that I bought if you are interested email me and we can work something out. My other suggestion is to look at bridesmaid dresses and see if one will work for you, a lot of them come in white or ivory. I found a Jordan Fashion dress that I will be wearing for my wedding, it is a bridesmaid dress but there is no reason it cant be a wedding dress for me.



nova_queen_28 says:


The most expensive part is going to be the food. Right off the bat, fewer guests to feed means less expense.

Do a brunch of afternoon reception with snacks only and you’re saving even more money.

Avoid alcohol and you’ll save more.



Jo-Jo says:


A good tip I can offer from my own wedding is try to find a place where you can have both ceremony and reception at the same location. [I had mine in the same room] This way you won’t have to pay for two separate locations and you can get right down to eating after the ceremony.



*~*Jon-Jon’s Mommy!!*~* says:


i’m the opposite of that but what i am finding is that my budget keeps getting bigger by the day with unexpected expenses. one way to cut cost would be to get married after the typical wedding season- which lasts from june til october. i’m getting married in november so i’ve been able to negoiate some deals that way. also you can have someone you trust and who’s food you love cater the event. you can not have any bridesmaids or flower girls.

Missy Me says:

MANY WAYS TO SAVE!!! – favors, bridal party gifts & needs, as well as wedding & reception needs

Reception – Afternoon reception is cheaper than a dinner gathering; cash bar (with a wine or champaign toast ) is cheaper than open bar; family member to dj; find a good family member to be your photographer.


Utopia says:


Tater says:

Well there’s always David’s Bridal

Do you have any wedding advice to give to future brides and grooms about cost-cutting wedding tips? Comment below!

Frugal Makeup For Brides

Posted by Live Love Mom on February 1, 2022 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (4)

By: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Why waste time worrying about how you will afford a full-priced makeup artist? These looks can be done by any makeup professional, even students!


Steps to achieve the look of your dreams:


-Look up the makeup style that you want on a search engine images. Browse Pinterest and makeup pages until you find the one that is perfect for you!

-Print out your look.

-Look up makeup artist schools and beauty schools. Select one closest to you.

-Make an appointment with a teacher and ask if any of the students would be interested in their first gig. This would allow them to have clients on their portfolio and when they graduate, they will already have some experience!

-Find a student that is willing, and negotiate a price with them. It should be substantially lower than a full-priced graduate!

-Show the student the photos.

-Relax and count down til your wedding is here!

Here are examples of beautiful yet simple looks for your gorgeous wedding:


Natural look features makeup done to compliment and mimic your skin tone. You would use a lipstick shade similar to yours with a clear gloss, some eyeshadow slightly darker than your complexion, some contouring and highlighting and some blush.


Cat eyes includes winged eyeliner and strip lashes to really give you eyes that pop. 


Eyeshadow in different colors can make the colors of your bouquet pop, and bring out the natural color of your eyes. 

Smokey eye is a more seductive look that makes your eyes appear bigger and it's a more dramatic look.


If you are good at doing your own makeup, you can always search for makeup tutorials. There are thousands on Youtube alone. Type in what you’re looking for, whether it’s with blue eyeshadow or fake lashes, and you are sure to find your perfect look!


Do you have any ideas for frugal makeup for brides? Share below!

Cheap Wedding Hairstyles For Any Budget

Posted by Live Love Mom on January 18, 2022 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (9)

By: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Who doesn’t want their hair to look gorgeous on their wedding day? However, not everyone has the budget to pay a fancy hairstylist hundreds of dollars just to place their hair pretty. Here is how you can get the hairstyle of your dreams without losing a large chunk of your wedding fund.




Here are some of the best updos for weddings that are simple to do.

  1. French twist. It's a fancy twist on the regular bun. Look it up in google images and show it to your hairdresser. You can also pin a gorgeous hair piece.
  2. Braided bun. Divide your hair into two sections down the middle of your scalp. French braid each side until you run out of hair, and tie it off. Twist the braid into a bun and pin it up.
  3. Drape. Do a backwards french braid on your hair and tie it off. Then, tuck the braid underneath itself and pin it in place.
  4. Braid. You can braid your hair in corn rows, have a regular loose braid, or have pigtailed braids. Add some flowers or barettes to complete the look.
  5. French braid. French braid your hair either in one or two sections and add some flowers in your braids for a gorgeous look.
  6. Fishtail braid. Look up youtube tutorials on how to do a fishtail braid. Keep practicing until you get it right and you can wear it on your wedding day.

Down dos


Rather have your hair loose on your wedding day? Here are some examples of beautiful down dos for your wedding day.


  1. Half up half down. Take the top half of your hair and tie it back, and there you have a half-up and half-down hairdo. You can also braid the top section or twist it into a bun.
  2. Braided crown. Section off the top half of your hair, then divide it into halves. French braid each half and tie them together in the middle in the back of your head and you have a braided crown.
  3. Curled. You can get a perm for your hair or you can curl it with a curling iron for your day. Use some hairspray to keep it fixed.
  4. Crimped. You can crimp your hair or get the loosest perm you can get. You can add a flower in your hair or a nice headdress.
  5. Straight. You can relax your hair or straighten it to look sleek and elegant on your wedding day.
  6. Sideswept. Pin your hair up with either hair pins or a nice hair piece on one side of your head. You can pin it up above the ear to show off some earrings you're wearing on your special day.


Once you have your wedding hairstyle picked out, print out a photo and head to a hairstylist school. See if any students are willing to do your hair for your wedding. They will charge a fraction of the prize that others would.


See if you know someone who is good at doing hair. Show them the photo of your hairstyle and see if they can give it a whirl. If they aren’t sure, go see them before hand so they can do a practice run.


Save on a Summer Wedding

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By: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Has your dream wedding always been during the summer? Is summer your favorite season? Do you enjoy long, hot days? Then a summer wedding sounds right for you. But how can you get more bang for your buck? Despite being a peak wedding month, you can still save lots of money on your wedding day.



Avoid a long pause between the ceremony and reception. Photographers and musicians charge for the wait time. Instead, opt for an adorable photoshoot of the bridegroom before the ceremony seeing eachother in their wedding outfits and the looks of surprise and awe. Then do poses with others so that it’s all out of the way in time for the ceremony and the reception. Speaking of the reception, have the ceremony and the reception in the same place. This will save travel costs and guests will appreciate the lack of traveling.



Avoid food you don’t need such as chips, bread, and other things that may be served before your meal that you don’t want. This will slash quite a few bucks off your bill.



Save on rentals with a standing ceremony. In pagan tradition, guests participate in the wedding as well by vowing to support the couple, and even joining hands and making a circle around them. Keep a few chairs on hand for the elderly or for those who cannot stand, like your 8 months pregnant cousin.



Instead of wasting paper and hundreds of dollars, email or text your guests seating plan ahead of time. Tell them which table they are to sit and let them take it from there. You can even forgo a seating plan altogether since everyone is family now. To save on wedding programs, just use a large sign that everyone can see, like a chalkboard. Don’t bother with invitations or save the dates. Go virtual and invite guests via email, a wedding website, wedding app or even a Facebook event.



Save on favors by skipping them altogether, or offering one per family. Make sure it’s something they can share.



Skip the three course meals and opt for simple and sweet. Gourmet pasta bar, taco bar, potato bar, and even a buffet style dinner will save you on caterers as well as food costs.



Flowers can be made DIY, bought in silk, or using cheaper blooms. Carnations, daises and baby’s breath are cheap options in a bouquet and look just as gorgeous as others.



Have your cake and eat it too? Not if you don’t even like cakes. Have a dessert bar that can offer pies, doughnuts, even just a candy bar. The variety will make your taste buds dance! Insist on having a cake? Have a single tier for cutting, and place it atop a tower of cupcakes. You can even serve cake pops which are a fraction of the price!



Hire teachers instead of professionals to do your makeup, hair, music and more! Scour beauty schools and music schools for the ones with raw talent that you can buy.



BYOB will save you plenty of cash and allows guests to bring what they like, and turns it into a wine tasting receptions for the others. Offer wine and beer, which saves than if you served the harder stuff. Use a signature cocktail if your guests prefer spirits. Ask if you can pay for just the alcohol guests consume rather than prepaying for more alcohol than anyone could drink.



Candles cost less than flowers so buy them in bulk for your centerpieces. They can also save you on lighting since it illuminates the room naturally.



Venues are more likely to lower the cost per person if you invite lots of guests, even exceed the maximum guest limit. Compare prices with venues of the minimum number of guests and the maximum. Play around and find out which numbers suits your budget the best.



Caterers will often halve the prices of kids meals, so be sure to mention how many children will attend your wedding reception. Meal options rich in carbs and starches such as pasta, potatoes, carrots and rice costs less.



Got a summer wedding story you would like to share? Do you have advice for bridegroom’s planning a summer wedding? Comment below!

Money-saving tips for a Winter Wedding

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By: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Winter weddings are beautiful. The holidays are coming up. everywhere is covered in a blanket of white snow, temperatures drop and lace every rooftop with icicles. Who isn’t in the mood to celebrate in winter? Here are some ways you can save on your winter wedding.



Have an outdoor wedding. However crazy this sounds, it will save you thousands. If you’re in an area who is known for its warmer winters, that the coldest months don’t drop far below freezing during the day, it’s the right place! Also, venues will be much cheaper since they never expect couples to wed outside.



Buy lots of paper. You can easily make paper decorations for your wedding. Do a little DIY crafts. Make paper snowflakes, snowmen, and any other shapes you want. It’s cheap, and it’s white, which goes with the theme!



Use your local stores. Winter items and decorations often come out after halloween. Wreaths and more show up even in dollar stores. Buy what you need in bulk.


Do you have any money-saving tips for winter weddings? Comment below!

Frugal Autumn Wedding Ideas

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by: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Autumn is one of the most popular seasons to get married. Enchanting colors, the weather cooling down, and cuddle-weather just makes you want to get married. How can you penny-pinch on your autumn wedding? Here are some tips and tricks to help you through it.



If it’s early autumn, you can easily have an outdoor wedding. To save thousands on a venue, book a public park. The most it will cost you is $200 for a license to hold an event there. You can also have a wedding in someone’s backyard.



Natural decorations can be autumn leaves, pumpkins, orange blossoms, anything that comes in fall colors. Line them up along the aisle for a cost-effective but eye-catching decoration!



Mix autumn props with your dream items. Throw in some lace, lanterns, bird cages, anything to make the scenery. Apple-picking is also popular during the autumn. Why not have your wedding in a mesmerizing orchard?



Pose your wedding rings with beautiful fall props. This can include leaves, pumpkins, acorns and more! You can get some yellow or rose gold rings to really bring out the autumn colors.



Need a unique idea for lights? Cut out the tops of apples and put small candles on top. Light them, and voila! You have unique and tasty lights. Wedding closer to halloween? Light up Jack-O-Lanterns. You can even carve out the bridegroom’s initials.



Have a charming wedding invitation theme by having the colors in fall colors. Have colored envelopes, and tie a little autumn leaf to put the package together. If you’re having a barn wedding, tie a leaf with rope.



Have your bouquet in lots of different autumn-colored blossoms. Don’t like flowers? Have a gorgeous bouquet of the most beautiful leaves you can find. Keep it unique, yet simple!



Dress up your wedding cake for an autumn wedding by adding leaves as decorations. Anything orange, red, yellow or brown is perfect for this amazing season. Don’t want real leaves? Get some plastic ones at your local dollar store.


Got any more wedding tips for an autumn wedding? Comment below!

Spring Wedding Savings

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by: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

The days are longer, the nights are shortened. The snow melts, and the promise of rebirth and new life bears fruit. The buds appear in the trees, the flowers grow under the trees, the air is warm and welcoming. It’s a good time to tie the knot with your soul mate.



With melted snow, it can be a possibility to have a wedding and a reception outside. Discover your options for sites, whether exterior or interior. This season is scheduled out of season for weddings, so the discounts will be abundant for anything related to the wedding, or at least the prices will not be inflated.



Do you have really helpful parents? Ask them to present instead of a gift. They can help set up tables and chairs, place decorations, even distribute wedding programs. This will save you hundreds on hiring others for work, and you will save time in doing it yourself.



Do you have talented friends? Ask them to help you with everything you need instead of getting a gift. Ask your makeup artist to make up your cosmetic hairdresser your hair and your neighbor decorator to make your wedding cake. Even better if you know someone who can make your nails, even pluck your eyebrows or wax your upper lip for the occasion.



Know the people that recently has tied the knot? Ask them if they have any marriage remnants they offer. All of the decoration, chairs and extra tables, even silk flowers or centerpieces. Get their second hand of dollars worth. Plus, your friends will be grateful for the space, and happy with their items will help you end up in the trash.



Why get a wedding cake at 7 levels when 4 levels will end up in your fridge anyway. Get a detailed cupcake to cut in front of the guests, then take it to the back in the kitchen to be sliced. Have a leaf cake waiting in the back to cut extra slices if your cupcake can not serve all your guests. You can even get a false-layered cake that has a real coat, cut this diaper, then take it back and serve as slices of grocery leaf cake. Nobody needs to know!



Why waste hundreds of fancy invitations that always ends up in garbage anyway? You can invite guests by email instead. For informal for you? Create a facebook event or wedding site. You still save on paper, but still get that personal touch, and you can design your own event or website for free!



Pluck fresh flowers in a meadow for free. You will have fresh wildflowers for the bouquets, and also spare you a trip to the florist. You can even plant and grow yours, then re-plant the bulbs for a long reminder of your special day!



Do you have other tips and tricks to save a lot of money for a spring wedding? Comments below!

How to have a budget-friendly weekend wedding

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by: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Anyone can dream of having their special day last longer than a mere 24 hours. Many couples are opting for weekend weddings, 2-day or even 3-day weddings. Is it your dream to celebrate your vows for the whole weekend? Are you worried making it happen will inch you towards bankrupcy? Look no further! Here are some life-saving cost-cutting tips to throw the wedding weekend of your dreams while saving thousands of dollars in the process!


First, what is a weekend wedding? A weekend wedding often consists of the following timeline:


-Friday dinner

-Saturday breakfast

-Saturday activity with a lunch break

-Saturday afternoon ceremony

-Saturday wedding dinner

-Sunday breakfast/brunch

Fridays dinner is often the rehearsal dinner. You cam rehearse the wedding for an hour or two and then have a dinner and toast with the wedding party.


Saturday can be a brunch or breakfast for the guests. You can have lawn games at an outdoor wedding, which are easily set up and an be bough at dollar stores or discount stores. Want an indoor wedding? Have it somewhere known for an activity, such as a bowling alley, movie theatre or sports arena. Entertainment for your guests won’t be hard to come by.


Have the wedding activities nearby, if not in the same venue. This will save your guests from traveling a lot, which an be ime consuming and frustrating.


If you want everyone to attend your friday dinner, it’s nice if you limit your guest list to little more than the wedding party. It will be MUCH less expensive as well!


Opt for cheaper food options, such as buffet meals, potato bar, pasta bar, even belly-filling hors d’oeuvres. This will cut down on the staff you need at your wedding as well as cost much less in food. Want to save even more? Make one or most of the meals potlucks. You can even have a BYOB wedding and save on alcohol or a bar altogether.


Make your wedding cake according to the guest list and not outrageously big that will leave you with too many leftovers. Don’t get a 5 tier cake for only 25 guests.


Ask your friend to officiate. They can become legally ordained online easily. Just be sure they check their state marriage laws to assure their clergy standing.


Don’t pay for other’s formalwear. Bridesmaids dresses are crazy expensive. Get decent dresses at Sears for much less, or have your party choose and buy their own. Have the groomsmen rent their tuxes in lieu of a gift, or just wear a nice dress shirt with trousers and a bowtie.


Got more weekend wedding advice? Comment below!

Backyard Gazebo Wedding

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by: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent


Spring is coming up, and therefore wedding season is beginning, and having a wedding can be expensive. The venue itself can easily cost your entire budget. Why not save thousands of dollars by having a charming backyard gazebo wedding? Why get a big venue when you can save thousands of dollars by getting married in your own backyard?

Now, if you’re not a homeowner, don’t falter. Ask a family member or a friend if you can get married in their backyard! Imagine all the possibilities for food; brunch with mimosas and fresh fruit and waffles; mid-afternoon reception with cocktail party food assortments of cheese, meats, grapes and wine; a festive evening buffet with a salad bar. The possibilities are endless!

Backyard. Many backyards can have eyesores, like if you live next to or near a commercial building, the neighbors have some unsightly decorations in their own yard, or your neighbor’s house is obviously worse for wear. There are a few ways you can keep your backyard enclosed and private. Consider getting a tall wooden fence to maintain privacy and focus on your event. If you’re planning years ahead of time, you can also plant hedges for a privacy screen along the border of your yard for a natural, eco-friendly touch. In a pinch? Get posts and attach clotheslines to them, or onto existing trees or fences, and tie streamers! You can also get inexpensive curtains to go on the clotheslines for a more opaque backdrop. It’s a great way to keep the focus on the ceremony, and you can easily replace your current curtains with your brand new ones afterwards for a lasting reminder of your special day.


Backdrop. Lots of weddings have a specific backdrop just for where they get married. Others also have backdrops specifically for photo-ops, others at the bride and groom’s table for the sit-down meal. On board with this idea? Why not! The cheapest option is to tie paper streamers on a clothes line. You can pick different hues that match your color scheme as well as different shades. Want other ideas? Here are some more.



The Gazebo. If you or your friends don’t have a gazebo, you can either get a tent for the outdoors, rent a canopy, or even buy or borrow a temporary gazebo. You can even just use a simple archway in a pinch. Gazebos are so elegant that you can often leave them undecorated. An enclosed gazebo is ideal for winter weddings, during the rainy season, or nighttime weddings. They can help mask an ugly backdrop in a backyard in the wedding photos.



Furniture. You can easily pull out foldable chairs and tables. Use white tablecloths to help mask the fact that the tables are foldable, and add a touch of elegance to the party. Want to go all out? Get chair covers as well. It’ll also prevent your chairs from getting stained with food or drinks during the reception.

Food. You can hire a restaurant to set up in the backyard to feed the guests. You can put your own drinks or food in an outdoor cooler so it’s in hand’s reach and easily accessible. You can also hire a food truck to hang out in your backyard and feed the guests on the go. You can also set up a buffet table and lay out all the food the guests could ever want. Want to save even more money? Have your wedding right after mealtime, so all you’ll have to serve is snacks and hors d’oeuvres!



Flowers. You can never go wrong with flowers! Grow your own blooms by planting them in your backyard or front yard so they’re ready to be picked by the time your wedding day rolls around. You can also get some silk floral beauties at your local dollar store. Dead-set on getting flowers from a florist? Tell them it’s for an anniversary party or a birthday party. Never utter the word wedding, or they will double or triple the price.

Decor. Tulle and anything white will look elegant in the backyard. Get creative; paper lanterns, white Christmas lights, banners, and more! You can even add little accents with white bird cages and rose petals, or lanterns with candles. Loop white streamers around branches of your mature trees. Hang paper hearts from the roof of your gazebo. Whatever your heart desires, make it happen!

Cake. Did you know you can even have a gazebo-themed wedding cake? Get a cake stand online or at a second-hand store and make a small cake look huge and elegant. Why not make a statement that highlights your wedding day? Also; if you know anyone that bakes well in your family or friends circle, ask them to make your cake in lieu of a gift. You will save hundreds of dollars this way! Feeling crafty? Get a cake decorating kit from Michael’s and practice, practice, practice! You may be able to make your own wedding cake when the time comes!


Photographer. It’s important not to skimp in this aspect, since a great photographer and camera can turn drab into fab. A good way to save money but keep the quality is to see if friends, family or a friend of a friend can be the photographer at your wedding. Some cameras are expensive, but take amazing photos almost no matter what. Know someone artistic that’s interested in photography? Look at their snaps and ask what type of camera they have. They can even take informative free classes online. Can’t afford a professional? Go to your local art school and hire a photography student. They will be thrilled to add to their portfolio and will charge you a fraction of the price.


Invitations. To save money, you can always make e-invites or make your own wedding website to invite guests. If you’re more traditional, you can always DIY. Open up Microsoft Powerpoint and copy-paste a blank wedding invitation template from google images. Select the font and colors that you want and go from there! Print them out at home on fancy paper or go to your local Staples to have them printed. Cheap, easy and time-saving.


Backyard gazebo weddings are charming, down-to-earth and endearing. They are perfect for intimate weddings, since almost every home owner has at least a small front or backyard. They can be fancy and cost thousands of dollars, or they can be simple and cost just a few hundred dollars. Remember, at the end of the day you are just as much married as the couple that spent six figures on their wedding.

Did you like our ideas? Got more advice on backyard gazebo weddings? Do you have questions or concerns? Comment below!

Theme Ideas For Fun Parties

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by: Rev. Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Want to throw a party but don't know which theme to use? Here are some theme ideas for fun parties you can use!

Winter Wonderland. Decorate with some paper snowflakes, pine trees and pine cones. The main colors used are often light blue, white and silver. You can even get food with frosting this color like cakes, cupcakes and cookies to match the theme. You can play winter songs and even have a dry ice machine.

Out of this World. This is an outer space theme and the main colors are violet, silver and black. You can print out pictures of planets and hang them from the cieling as decorations and use dark purple table cloths.

Roaring 1920s. Bring back the swing dancing and decorate in gold, white, black and silver. This theme is becoming more and more popular since people love to dress pin-up. 

1980s. Poofy hair-dos and oldies blasting on the radio makes you want to throw an 80's themed party! Neon colors often come with this theme as color clash was common in outfits in this era. Bonus if you can whip out some vintage wear like bell-bottomed pants!

Feel the Heat. Summer theme with little umbrellas in drinks, floral and fruit decorations. Even the dollar store has items for sale for this theme. This is a perfect theme to go with a pool party. 

Rave. People can wear things with bright lights and techno-themed. The dollar store also sells head gear and accessories with blinking lights that change colors, so you can be dressed the part for cheap!

Movie. It can be a Harry Potter theme, Star Wars, or any other popular movie or movie that you enjoy. 

Tv show. Star Trek, or kids shows like Dora the Explorer for kids are some good examples.

Murder Mystery. Dress up like the old times and enjoy a murder mystery party. This theme is for those who love mystery books and movies.

Under the sea. With an ocean theme, you can use some beach decorations with sand, seashells, and twine. 

Princess. A traditional party theme for birthdays of young girls, this is the perfect excuse to pull out that princess costume and wear it at the party. You can even hire princess impersonators. 

Superhero. Popular for the birthdays of young boys, invite friends over and dress up as your favorite superheros. You can also hire an animator dressed as a favorite superhero.

Costume. A costume party is popular for halloween, but is also a great occasion for cosplayers alike to wear their costumes to a party.

Got more party theme ideas? Comment below!

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece

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by: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Mason jars have gained in popuarity for decorations and their many uses. Even in weddings, they make themselves known as rustic decorations. Here are some ideas of making your own mason jar wedding centerpiece on a shoestring budget.



Already decorated mason jars of all sizes can be found in your local dollar store. Small mason jars with lace cost only $2 and are large enough to accomodate small bouquets. There are even pre-made white silk flower bouquets at the dollar store for about $4 each.


You can fill up the mason jars with water and leave it at that. However, you can add some food coloring to the water to make it look a little extra colorful.


You can also buy vase-fillers for $2 per bag. They are often small crystals, colored granulated sand, or even seashells or pebbles. There are also jars filled with seashells or pebbles already for sale at the dollar store. You can buy them like that and just stick in the bouquet and you’re done!


You can even get tinted wine bottles with LED lights inside for about $4 each. They come in all different colors such as pink, green and blue. However, the lids are sealed shut as inside the lids are where the batteries are for the lights. If you find the bottles are not enough as a centerpiece, you can always include a floral candle ring around the bottle, or flowers, candles or crystals around the bottles.


If you’re having a low-budget and casual wedding, or even a fancy one, you can go with these white party centerpieces. Available at every dollar store, they are pre-made and are easy to set up. Simply plop them on the spot where you want them and voila!


Got other money-saving wedding centerpiece ideas? Comment below!

Have A Green Earth Day Wedding

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by: Rev. Dr. Stéphanie Noircent


Are you all about being green? Are you very eco-friendly? Do you recycle and compost regularly? Then why not have your wedding on Earth Day?




Use recycled items. This is a bit if a no-brainer. Do you have someone in your entourage that got married recently? Ask to borrow or buy their leftover decor and more. This way you save the items from getting in the trash and you save yourself lots of time and effort looking for similar things in stores.




Throw birdseed instead of rice. Rice is incredibly bad for birds, who will eat it unknowingly. Throw bird seed instead of rice and let the birds feast!




Offer plants or seeds as favors. This encourages planting, the nurturing of plant life as well as helping the environment. Plants filter out the toxins in the air and purifies oxygen. You are helping your loved ones breathe better by offering them their very own plant!




Save on paper and save trees by forgoing menus, invitations, thank you cards, save the dates and table name tags and numbers. Create a wedding website, do email invites, or even just by phone. You will save tons of paper and in turn, save plenty of trees! Tell guests that they can sit wherever since they are all family now!


Donate leftover food to local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food banks. The homeless and less fortunate will be able to eat quality food thanks to you! What a way to celebrate love; by giving it back to the community!



Donate leftover items to second-hand stores, or sell hem to make your money back. Either way, you give your items a second life and encourage reusing. This minimizes waste and filling the dumpsters and landfills.



If you use real blooms, use the bouquets as the centerpieces for the reception. Less flowers will be cut and uprooted in the process and you save tons of money!



Got more green tips for an earth day wedding? Comment below!

Refreshing Alcohol-Free Summer Drinks

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by: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Are you missing the warmer months already? I know I am! Here are some refreshing summer drinks to sip during the Indian summer, and stir some nostalgia for those warmer days a few weeks ago.

Lemonade. Always a classic, this has a mixture of acidity along with sweetness with the lemons and sugar. You can buy some flavor packs and mix it with water, or you can always make some yourself. You can even make a sugar-free version with lemon juice, water and stevia. There are also plenty of variations in flavors such as strawberry lemonade, pink lemonade, even limade. You can use a soda machine to make some sparkling lemonade as well to carbonate your drinks. The possibilities are endless!

Fruit smoothies. Grab some fruit, put it in the blender with some ice and milk, and mix them all together. For dairy intolerance, you can mix fruit with fruit juice and ice to make some delicious smoothies. Some popular choices are strawberry-banana, apple-strawberry, and blueberry-pomegranate. You can add some raspberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, or whatever fruit you want. Add some sugar for extra sweetness.

Milkshakes. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla are the most popular flavors. Add some ice cream and some milk, and maybe a fruit if you want to add a fruit serving in there. My husband loves his chocolate banana milkshakes. It gives him some nutrition along with that chocolate flavor he loves. You can also add some caramel syrup to your vanilla milkshake for a wonderful combination of flavors. 

Punch. You can mix some fruit juice and some sparkling juice or some sodas to make some delicious punch. Cranberry-orange is one of my personal favorites, mixed with some sprite. Some people like to mix some pepsi or cola with some cherry juice to make a cherry pepsi or cola flavor. It all depends on your personal tastes and what you would prefer to drink.

Slush. You can grab some fresh snow from a recent snowfall and add your favorite fruit juice and voila; you have a slush! We always have orange juice on hand, so this is often what we go with. Every time it snows now, my kids ask if we can make a slush. More often than not, I'm happy to make them! I've even discovered I can use flavored packets as well with some water to pack a potent flavored punch. 

Mocktail. My personal favorite mocktail is an alcohol-free mimosa: half orange juice, half sprite. It tastes great and is a great pick-me-up for those slow mornings. You can have some tomato juice for a virgin mary with some celery. Dollar stores even sell syrups and fruit mixes needed for margaritas, daiquiries and pina coladas. Simply blend these mixes with sprite and you're good to go. Just because you don't drink alcohol, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the great flavors that cocktails usually come with.

What's your favorite drinks recipe? Comment below!

Steps Required To Get Married

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by: Rev. Dr. Stéphanie Noircent


So you want to get married? Congratulations! Now, how do you start? What are the first steps? Here are the requirements to be married legally.


Be at least 18 years old or be the minimum required age with parental consent from both parents of both children.


Do your research. How much will the marriage licence cost? Where do you need to go to apply for it? What is the delay between the application and the response? When would you recieve the marriage licence? How long is your marriage licence valid for?


Order your birth certificates and proof of no marriage. Have the required funds to order them. If this is your second wedding, provide your divorce certificate or decree of divorce. If you are widowed, bring your wedding certificate as well as your late spouse’s death certificate. If you are annulled, bring your proof of annullment. This is to prove that your marriage would not be commiting bigamy. Have these documents ready before going to the courthouse.


You will need to both take your photo ID cards, preferrably driver’s license since it doubles as proof of residence. You will both need to go to your county of residence’s courthouse or city hall with your IDs and the fees for a marriage licence. Be sure to know your social security number by heart or to have your social security card with you.


Ask for a marriage licence application and both fill out the forms honestly. Submit the forms together. Depending on your state or country, you can obtain your marriage licence in a few hours or a few months.


Be sure to check the mail or p.o. box often so you are sure to recieve your marriage licence. Check the expiration date so you know by which date you have to marry. Will it expire before your wedding date? Either move the wedding date up sooner, get married legally before and just have a reception after, or just get a new marriage licence after the expiration date.


Find an officiant. Check their credentials to make sure that they’re allowed to preform legal marriage ceremonies in your state or country. To be sure they can, you can always get a judge or a justice of the peace, or a practicing religious minister to marry you. Check how much their fee is, and have the money ready to pay them in advance to reserve them for your wedding day.


Choose two witnesses that are willing to be present during the ceremony and sign as witnesses. Usually they re the maid of honor and the best man, but they can be any gender. Make sure they will be available on your wedding day. You need hese two witnesses to get married. If you are eloping, make sure the wo witnesses are included in the package.


Vows can be either written by you or provided by the person marrying you in a standard ceremony. If you are a non-romantic couple and are unreligious, you can simply state that you agree to take each other as spouses. This is the whole point of the ceremony, to allow surity that the couple indeed wishes to be wed, that no one was threatened, bribed or inebriated; and that no one has justifiable objections to the union. If you think anyone will object, it’s best to elope so no one will know where to go to stop you.


Sign the marriage licence and certificate after the ceremony and the vows. Have the person who married you sign the papers as well as the two witnesses. Don’t forget to date the papers as well.



Turn in the signed licence and certificate to be officially declared as married. If possible, bring the person that married you and have them bring their birth certificate, driver’s licence and credentials. You can also bring your two witnesses with their birth certificates and driver’s licences to prove that no fraud was committed and everyone consents.


Literally everything else is optional! Congratulations, you’re married! Unable to afford a lavish wedding of your dreams? Relax, you are just as married as the couple who spent $50k on their wedding. Your wedding is just as meaningful and you sign the same papers.


In the case of marriage of immigrants, such as a natural born citizen and a tourist, you will need to take photos of your wedding and honeymoon. If the tourist wants to immigrate into the citizen’s country, an immigration lawyer will want lots of pictures to prove the authenticity of your marriage and relationship.


Does your state or country require something else? Comment below!

Cheap And Simple Wedding Centerpiece

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by: Rev. Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

This wedding centerpiece is so simple! Just buy long fake vines from discount online stores and websites such as ebay or wish, or even pick some up at the local dollar store during spring or summertime. Just drape them across your tables end to end and voila!



This wedding centerpiece is so simple! Just buy long fake vines from discount online stores and websites such as ebay or wish, or even pick some up at the local dollar store during spring or summertime. Just drape them across your tables end to end and voila!



This wedding had a medieval theme, so this goes well for all medieval theme weddings. It also goes well with garden weddings, tea party weddings, nature-based weddings, and honestly all kinds of themes. Vines are gorgeous, easy to lay out on tables, and don’t block people’s faces when trying to carry out a conversation.



Coupled with chair covers, bows and tablecloths, this would look just as chic as a blowout shingding. Remember, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on centerpieces you’ll only use once.

$3 Simple Wedding Centerpiece

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by: Rev Dr. Stéphanie Noircent

Is your wedding budget reaching it’s limit? Are you struggling to squeeze a gorgeous wedding centerpiece for minimal cost into your decorations? Look no further! Here you can make this wedding centerpiece for just over $3 including shipping!



You can get flower crowns at your local dollar store around the summertime. You can also buy them on ebay for less than $2. If you include shipping, it’s about $2.08, which is totally worth it!


Next, get some tall candles form your local dollar store, they usually aren’t more than $1 each. Just slide the candle on top of the candle ring and arrange the blooms accordingly. Light the candle and you have a romantic and simple wedding centerpiece.


To save even more money, keep it at one centerpiece per table. Some people put two or three centerpieces per table if it’s a long one. However, they’re called a centerpiece for a reason. Just buy one and put it in the center of the table.



This is also a great money-saving trick if you are having many guests, you get to spend less on centerpieces per table. Besides, guests will be too busy enjoying themselves, eating food and dancing to pay much attention to a centerpiece. What guests remember most is the food and the music!