Live Love Mom

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Welcome to this website! Here is a mom blog that offers tips on parenting, homemaking and marriage. 

Live Love Mom is from a country town in Quebec, Canada. Here she lives with her husband Bart and her two children Celeste and Anabelle. Live Love Mom is a stay at home mom who enjoys hanging out with her girls, family time, arts and crafts with her kids, cooking, and goofing off. Her daughter Celeste, who is 6 years old, is her strong-willed, introverted and intelligent girl who loves to act and dance. Her youngest daughter, Anabelle, who is 4 years old, is a laid back, happy-go-lucky, silly little girl who loves to smile, laugh and tumble.

Stephanie and Bart got married in 2019, and have been together for 5 years, since Stephanie was pregnant with Anabelle. Together they have bought a house and adopted a dog named Maggie, and together they make their house a home. The whole family loves to go out on adventures together and spend time together. Here you will have a sneak peek into their lives, and tips and tricks on how to make your life, your partner's life and your kids lives a little easier. 

Life can be challenging, whether you're a stay-at-home mom, housewife, homemaker, student, work from home or outside of the home. Life isn't what it used to be, where raising a family could be supported by a one-income household. However, the market is saturated and it's difficult to find work, even as a skilled worker with post-secondary education. Daycare costs are also ridiculous, so many moms find themselves at home to care for their children to save on those outrageous costs. When a family can make that work, more power to them! 

Life could always be improved no matter where we are in life. That's the goal of Live Love Mom: to help make moms lives easier by offering some advice and shortcuts on how to do it all in a timely manner, while also maintaining your sanity. Now no one here will act like they know everything, more like you will be informed of things that are learned along the way. So kick back, fill your mug with the hot beverage of your choice, cuddle up in a blanket and read on, mama. You deserve it!